is a safe, friendly, non-commercialized website where kids can follow favorite topics, explore new topics, and enjoy a bit of silly entertainment.

I originally built Today Box Co. to share the best of the Internet with my six-year-old curious kid two years ago. Today Box was inspired by my kid, but it’s dedicated to all curious kids.

The Internet is an amazing resource for children (even very young children). Today Box is designed as an introduction to using the Internet as a tool for investigating, understanding, and engaging with the world.

– Erika Lowe


Who: Curious kids aged four to nine (pre-K to fourth grade) and the adults who enjoy exploring the world with them.

What: Today Box is a kid-safe website that publishes fun and informative links for curious kids.

When: Today Box is updated weekly. Rotating topics include active play, art, animals, music, nature, robots, space, S.T.E.M., and surprise.

Where: Right here,, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Today Box is primarily for kids, while the social media channels are for grown-ups. On Twitter and Facebook, you’ll find posted information, resources, news and more.

Why: Today Box is dedicated to curious  kids. I also hope to spark conversations between adults and kids about our amazing world.


Grown-ups and kids are encouraged to explore Today Box together, however the links, jokes, photos and videos posted are safe for young children to view and explore.

Many kids can use Today Box without adult supervision, especially if their browsers are set to Safe Mode. Tips on setting up a Safe Browser for a kid to use.

More: How to add Today Box as a Home Link on an iPhone or iPad.


  • Respect curiosity
  • Noncommercial
  • Non-political
  • Pro-science
  • Curiosity about everything – from toys to asteroids, imagination to fact
  • A safe place for kids to explore topics that interest them

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