Action Painting

Marble Paintings

Making in art in the winter with kids can sometimes be a challenge when you can’t go outside or you don’t have a lot of space in your home.

Here is an alternative action painting activity you can do in the home that’s perfect for a snowy or rainy day.

You will need: a box top (you can get these at the grocery store for free), marbles, washable paints, masking table, paper (thicker paper works better), plastic cups, and spoons.

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Six-Year-Old Super Bowl

Last night we watched the Super Bowl with our six-year-old. She filled up on junk food, bounced along with dancing sharks and beach balls, and screamed at Katy Perry on a shooting star. “Oh my God! Get off that thing! It’s going to explode!”

It was no wonder she couldn’t go to sleep after we put her to bed at the start of the second half.

Sometimes our daughter draws and illustrates books when she can’t sleep. Coming to bed we found this gem waiting for us at the top of the stairs. She captures the excitement of the game, the mixed emotions of the fans, and that rule that every game ends with fire and trophies.

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Like a Girl

Play Like a Girl

A maxi-pad commercial made me tear up. You may have already seen the Always commercial from last summer called “Like a Girl” where men and women of all ages talk about what it means to “play like a girl.” It has over 54 million hits on youtube. The first time I saw, it I teared up.

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