An MLK Story for Kids

We tend to forget that while Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an important human rights leader, he was also a father. One of my favorite stories about Dr. King is “Daddy”, written by his daughter Yolanda D. King.

It’s a heartwarming story where one sees a softer, lighter side of Dr. King. His daughter also shares some of the valuable lessons she learned from her father growing up.

This story is the perfect story to share with the kids on this important holiday. You can read it here.

Ruby Gloom

Catch the Gloom

This guest post was written by Angela Arsenault.

Ruby Gloom

In the interest of full disclosure, I feel compelled to tell you at the outset that Ruby Gloom is only streaming on Netflix for another few weeks (until 2/6). It’s been there forever, or since my oldest was my only, which is forever by some definition in my life. Anyway – I’ve been talking about this show with love and adoration since then and wanted to take this opportunity to preach the Gloom love to a wider audience. Watch it with your kids while you still can!

You can tell a lot about a show from its theme song, and when the opening credits look as good as the song sounds, odds are that you’re in capable hands. This is certainly the case with the adorably animated Ruby Gloom.

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Drop Beats with Patatap

Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit that both kids and adults will love. Tap your fingers on the A-Z keys of your keyboard or screen of your mobile device to create melodies charged with moving shapes reminiscent of the art of Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky. Press the space bar to change color palettes and matching soundscapes. The more you play and experiment with patatap, the more possibilities you discover.

Designer Jono Brandel created Patatap based on two fundamental disciplines: graphic design and computer programming. His motivation for creating Patatap was to bring the medium of visual music to a broader audience. Brandel collaborated with composers Lullatone from Japan to create this melodic and hypnotizing music app.

Patatap is available on the desktop for free. You can also download the app on an iPad, iPhone, Android, or tablet for just 99 cents and play it offline. Try it for yourself below. The kids and you will be dropping beats, looping, and mixing like pros within minutes.