Action Painting

Making in art in the winter with kids can sometimes be a challenge when you can’t go outside or you don’t have a lot of space in your home.

Here is an alternative action painting activity you can do in the home that’s perfect for a snowy or rainy day.

You will need: a box top (you can get these at the grocery store for free), marbles, washable paints, masking table, paper (thicker paper works better), plastic cups, and spoons.

Tape a piece of paper onto the box top. Pour colored paints into cups. Place a marble in each cup, as well as a spoon.

Use spoons to scoop out marbles and drop them onto the canvas. Swirl, tilt, bounce, and rock the box lid to create rolling splatter paint on the paper.

Marble Drop

Carefully remove the paper from the box lid and place somewhere to dry. You can hang art on walls or create other things with the paper, such as greeting cards, wrapping paper, or cut-out ornaments or valentines.

You can look at examples of action paintings from the artist Jackson Pollock here.

If you have a larger space where you can get messy or if the weather is warm enough for you to be outside, check out this fun Jackson Pollock lesson plan.

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