What is success?

What does the word “success” mean? Have you ever looked the word up in the dictionary? Explore the meaning of the word “success” in this animated short film.


Embroidered Zoetrope Animation

Elliot Schultz created these animated sequences with embroidery and stitching. Each 10″ embroidered disc is designed to play on standard turntables like a vinyl record.

The illusion of animation happens when a strobe light illuminates the discs in sync with the embroidered frames of animation. Filmless animation using this method is called Zoetrope.

It’s mesmerizing!


High Diving Giraffes

Nicolas Deveaux spent a year and a half creating this rollicking fun animated film of giraffes using a high dive. We just love everything about this ridiculous film called 5 Meteres 80.