Big Hero 6

Big Hero Six Worth the Tix

The screen explodes with futuristic architecture in a world where Japan meets America in Disney’s Big Hero Six. Teen robotics genius Hiro Hamata joins forces with an inflatable healthcare robot and other promising science savants to save San Fransokyo (a blend of Tokyo and San Francisco) in this new flick. Big Hero Six was an instant hit with our sci-fi loving, tech-oriented family. It incorporates a boatload of lessons I want my kid and students to understand and is worth seeing on the big screen.

Here are six reasons Big Hero Six is worth the tix:

1. Strong female characters pervade throughout the film. Aunt Cass takes in Hiro and his brother Tadashi after their parents die. She owns and runs her own business while single parenting the two boys. Hiro teams up with a college chemist named Honey Lemon and a mechanics and engineering major named Go Go Tomago, who has a passion for inventing fast transportation. Weak females infest most of Disney’s films, so it is refreshing to see three strong women in this flick. At one point Tomago even says to Hiro, “woman up” instead of “man up.”

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Glow in the Dark Bike Paths and Roads

This past week a new bike path opened in the Netherlands. It glows in the dark and looks similar to Van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night”. It will help cyclists see better on the bike path and not get injured or lost.

The Netherlands is also experimenting with glow-in-the-dark paint on roadways. Will these two energy efficient technologies help with bike and road safety in other cities in the future?

Making Music with a Makey Makey

A makey makey is a device you can use to turn ordinary objects into touchpads. You can upload computer programs from the internet to create all sorts of fun engineering and art projects.

These artists used ordinary objects to play music! What would you do with a makey makey?