Building the Lego Movie

The makers of the Lego movie wanted the animated film to be as detailed as possible. They even thought about fingerprint smudges and cracked Lego pieces while designing for the film. Take a peek into the impressive collaboration, technology, and creative detail that went into the Lego movie.


Exoplanet Art

Helena Kauppila is a former mathematician turned artist. She uses real astronomical data, science, technology, and star charts to create her paintings. Kauppila imagines what it would look like to see the stars from an exoplanet in her abstract paintings.

via SciFri

Projections in the Forest

Technology and nature meet in a special art installation created by artists Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad. The artists used projection mapping to create “Bioluminescent Forest.”

You can learn more about the inspiration and making of this project here.